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National strategy & implementation support for Saudi Telecom Company

The Salience solution provided STC with a powerful tool for understanding the impact of technology on STC profits.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) was looking to establish a business case for deploying next generation mobile and fixed network to address new broadband market opportunities as it faced increased competition from Mobily in this segment. The Salience team was part of a larger project team that was tasked to deploy STC assets and structure roll-out of new solutions in a cost-effective while considering the pressure STC was facing from its competition.

  • Analysed the market opportunity and the CAPEX needed to invest in network expansion.
  • Performed financial analysis of the STC options to determine on an area-by-area basis exactly which fixed and mobile broadband technologies to deploy to maximize the STC market coverage at the most efficient financial investment.
  • Salience produced detailed forecast models to demonstrate to STC the most effective roll-out strategy and the proper technology to use in each scenario.
  • Delivered granular financial details required to continue deployment of network technology and maximize the impact on enterprise and consumer services. This enabled STC to realize the most effective use of their fixed and mobile network budget in support of any given demographic

National strategy & implementation support for Saudi Telecom Company

Bridging public safety and digital innovation to save lives

The Mission Critical arm of Saudia Arabia’s incumbent operator and second largest operator in the Middle East, STC, has been mandated to become the Kingdom’s trusted Critical Communications Provider.
To support their transitional phase, Salience provided subject matter expertise to assure network capability and commercial launch of innovative, lifesaving services.

Cross functional subject matter expertise provided:

  • CEO Advisory – Holistic assessment of capability and high impact recommendations for transition to a Mission Critical-grade operator
  • Technology Expert Support – Subject matter expertise and interim Technology PMO provided to assure network readiness of TETRA Services
  • Marketing Development – Expertise and support in establishing the marketing foundations for growth and scale in terms of marketing strategy planning, execution and on-going governance, with knowledge transfer for long term benefit
  • TETRA Go to Market – Interim Commercial PMO for successful TETRA service launch, whilst building internal launch capability through coaching & training
  • Business Development & Innovation – Partner ecosystem development mission critical grade solutions in Safe Cities and Public safety including IoT, Big Data Analytics, Ground to Air Comm and Connected Vehicle technologies

Bridging public safety and digital innovation to save lives

End to end retail fibre operator launch in Oman

Salience provided the expertise to establish Awasr Oman. We created the investment case, Information Memorandum, backed-up by a detailed go-to-market plan, organizational structure, internal processes and KPIs. Salience prepared the business case for Awasr, led the fundraising process and successfully obtained the investment for the company.

  • Three months feasibility study performed to analyze the market potential and create a detailed business case
  • Defined the operational basis for AWASR and the launch plan, including budgets, technology specification, partner selection, organizational design, recruitment, marketing mix, sales enablement, operational policies and procedures.
  • Managed the recruitment process for the company and handed over the company to the local management.
  • Two years of management outsourcing to Awasr across different departments
  • Led the fundraising process by delivering investment teaser presentations to potential investors, managing the data room and participating in the negotiations


End to end retail fibre operator launch in Oman

National Broadband Network launch in Oman

Salience delivered a comprehensive set of strategic and technical services to help create and launch OBC.  We provided a complete definition for starting-up the new wholesale operator, supported by reliable forecasts for budgets, revenues and

Salience defined OB’s, strategy, mission and vision, organizational structure and technology framework to create a detailed business model and launch plan. The work done by Salience included:
• Definition of OB’s strategy, mission and vision
• Delivery of a detailed budget forecasts and budget planning
• Preparation of a business model and financial model
• Definition of a operating framework and company structure
• Managing the asset transfer of fiber optic network from Haya Water
• Preparing broadband network deployment plans in conjunction with utility companies
• Providing long-term experts for hands-on management of finance, strategy and projects.

National Broadband Network launch in Oman

National Broadband Network launch in Qatar

Salience consultants worked to develop the Service Management framework, developing schemas and processes for systems and tools. Salience led the negotiations with Kahramaa and Ashghal to identify locations for central office sites and to build central offices inside electrical substation compounds.

Salience delivered a comprehensive set of services to help QNBN define their strategy, mission and vision and operating model, delivered as part of a consortium of consultancies to launch Qatar’s NBN wholesale operator

• Delivered network master planning, optimization, rollout and implementation planning, with calculated CapEx, revenue and NPV calculations for each rollout-zone in Qatar
• Provided vendor management programme, project reporting, and procurement controls
• Provided implementation advice based on a detailed business model
• Set criteria and selection of suitable sites for Central Offices
• Hands-on implementation including activities such as defining and negotiating placement of POPs in electrical substations
• Assistance given with benefits management and delivery of a comprehensive system for capturing and reporting the benefits delivered by its own service.



National Broadband Network launch in Qatar

Subsea strategy connecting Middle East to the world

Salience delivered a five year strategic plan for GBI’s senior management to refocus the organization towards common objectives and to update the shareholders on the company’s current market, demand outlook and future operational cost forecasts

Salience performed a high-level analysis on the operational expenditure of the company and extrapolated a five-year cost forecast based on historical opex spending trends. This was combined with the additional expenditure that was needed to secure and deliver sales targets.

• Feasibility & Business planning: Delivered a five year strategic plan to better focus the organization towards a common objective with forecasts for future operational costs.
• Organizational transformation: Executive advisory on the organizational design for GBI, KPIs and selection of key staff including C-level executives.
• Processes overhaul: Conducted audit of the existing processes within the company across commercial and operations, and provided implementation timeline and methodology for introduction of new processes

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Subsea strategy connecting Middle East to the world

Establishing an effective ICT regulator for Kuwait

In support of the State of Kuwait’s program of reform of the country’s telecommunications sector, Salience has been engaged and is currently establishing the new regulatory body which will regulate, supervise and transform the telecommunications sector in Kuwait.

The program involves both the creation of a regulatory framework and the development of CITRA as an institution:

  • Creating an ICT licensing framework, spectrum policy and price regulation for retail and wholesale services
  • Defining CITRA’s management and organizational structure
  • Setting terms and conditions for interconnection between networks and access to infrastructure
  • Optimizing ICT competitive dynamics and defining consumer protection provisions
  • Defining ICT and telecommunication products and services, technical terminology and standards
  • Defining CITRA’s policy for the regulation and monitoring of private networks and unlicensed ICT product / service operation
  • Creating CITRA’s financing model & commercial framework
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Establishing an effective ICT regulator for Kuwait

Tower rationalisation and permitting in Bahrain

Salience is delivering a comprehensive set of services as a Build Operate Transfer project to help the Bahrain TRA establish a new unit to track civil permits for radio towers.

Salience delivered a full and detailed assessment of the scope of work to create a permitting function, and delivered a detailed plan for implementing towers permitting:

• Six months feasibility study performed delivering a public consultation and a test of the automated workflow platform
• Five Year Build Operate Transfer (BOT) project is underway, including recruiting the local team, performing surveys of towers and establishing and operating a new business unit under the TRA as an interface between the operators and civil authorities.
• Software platform set-up within 6 months with automated workflow to obtain permissions from civil stakeholders including Civil Defense, Municipality,
• Health and Safety rules established and enforced by the system thus making Bahrain a safer place and rectifying or eliminating dangerous sites

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Tower rationalisation and permitting in Bahrain