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Incumbent operators face a constant threat from digital disruptors – Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers can quickly innovate and launch new attractive apps within a matter of days. Furthermore, the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) means that there has been an explosion in the availability of new OTT services. Traditional operators must adapt and innovate quickly if they are to keep pace and not be reduced to providing basic broadband services.

Our digital practice brings together experts with a track record in transforming operators into agile, digital performers. From lean, intelligent operations that deliver a superior brand-focused experience, to the rapid time to market of new and innovative services. Our Digital Practice can genuinely help deliver the entire lifecycle, from concept to onboarding the first customers; we enable the power of agility, speed and unprecedented insight to help deliver a competitive edge and consistent growth.

Here are just some of the service modules that our customers leverage today:

Digital assessment & strategy

This module helps organisations looking to consolidate their digital initiatives into a single purpose at a strategic level. Our Assessment phase cuts across all business domains, covering data assets, technology initiatives, organisational commitments, operations, and customer-facing services, as well as reviewing partnerships and alliances to identify the current state of digital maturity and cohesion. Establishing a common mandate with cascaded priority is essential and why our experts work closely with all functional owners to plan a roadmap that is both workable and affordable. Ultimately, the true value of digital initiatives must be clearly communicated, relevant, and attractive to gain the cross-functional support needed for impactful transformation.

Transformation delivery

After an assessment is done and a roadmap is created, we can provide an implementation programme management team to drive through the digital strategy. Our veteran program directors and project managers have extensive experience to help get the best from matrix teams in an inclusive and focused manner. Real-time visibility of project progress helps to ensure that bottlenecks are resolved quickly. Short-term subject matter experts may also be required to fill existing skills gaps. From data scientists and digital marketeers to interim management, our subject matter experts go beyond delivery and use their skill and knowledge to provide mentorship and training and assure long-term adoption.

New service commercialisation

Often, new technology is built in-house with high revenue expectations, but commercial success is limited to a single major customer or just a handful of friendly pilot customers. Our new service commercialisation takes an end-to-end approach in developing, launching and monetising winning services that scale. Our experts provide the critical elements of success, from market research and strategically aligned business cases to product development and regulatory approval. Our expert product engineers, product marketeers and commercial leaders bring real-world pragmatism that deliver demonstratable top line success.
As Telecom operators transition from traditional services to digital offerings, the last 12 months has seen demand for:

  • Rapid time to market for non-core services
  • IoT partner ecosystems and platforms (technology, delivery, and channels)
  • Marketing and sales turnarounds to higher-margin solution offerings.
Customer experience and AI

An organisation may define their brand promise, but it is the customer who decides whether the company has delivered on that promise. The impact of a winning customer experience is proven to provide between four to ten times revenue and subscriber growth when compared to services that suffer from poor customer service. Quick wins can be made on individual touchpoints, but market changing gains can be unleashed when taking a holistic approach to delivering a brand-driven experience. Used carefully, at the right touchpoints, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can drive further personalisation and efficiency for today’s digital savvy operator and customers.

Technology innovation & monetisation

Telecom operators often develop exceptional skillsets, and tools within their internal organisation. Call centre services, cybersecurity, and online shopping experiences are just some examples of operator expertise that can be developed into an ‘as a service’ offering and turned into revenue streams. Let our experts use their experience in converting cost centres into profit centres and create new revenue streams for your portfolio, often with little incremental investment. Utility providers offer another opportunity – commercialisation of fibre assets. Government National Broadband Network (NBN) initiatives, as well as energy and water authorities, have successfully monetised existing SCADA and Telemetry fibre network assets. Having launched two NBN operators, Salience is well placed to support utility diversification through a well-tested approach.

Smart Communities and Cities

Smart cities are currently generating significant interest. Whilst governments bring good intentions, whether it be environmental impact, transport efficiency, or public safety, they often underestimate the complexity and challenges relating to data ownership and shared infrastructure initiatives. As our white paper “Smart Cities:Creating the right conditions for success using Outcomes Based Framework (OBF)” outlines, an objectives-based approach must include targeted KPIs for Smart Government, Smart Building, Smart Transportation, Smart Water and Smart Energy that will enable the Smart City projects to achieve the results. Through our experience of working in regulated environments with national operators in the Middle East, Salience Consulting is well positioned to enable governments, telecoms operators, and systems integrators to capitalise on opportunities from smart city projects.

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