Tower rationalisation and permitting in Bahrain

Salience is delivering a comprehensive set of services as a Build Operate Transfer project to help the Bahrain TRA establish a new unit to track civil permits for radio towers.

Salience delivered a full and detailed assessment of the scope of work to create a permitting function, and delivered a detailed plan for implementing towers permitting:

• Six months feasibility study performed delivering a public consultation and a test of the automated workflow platform
• Five Year Build Operate Transfer (BOT) project is underway, including recruiting the local team, performing surveys of towers and establishing and operating a new business unit under the TRA as an interface between the operators and civil authorities.
• Software platform set-up within 6 months with automated workflow to obtain permissions from civil stakeholders including Civil Defense, Municipality,
• Health and Safety rules established and enforced by the system thus making Bahrain a safer place and rectifying or eliminating dangerous sites

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