Privatisation analysis for the EBRD region

Salience provided recommendations for 4 EBRD countries- Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Tunisia concerning the best privatisation method of the state-owned dominant incumbent.

The key objective of the assignment was to provide policy makers in the EBRD region an evidence-based guidance on how to successfully undertake privatisation of state-owned dominant incumbent in the telecommunications sector.

• Overview of the privatisation experiences around the world and quantitative data analysis on:
• service portfolio subject to privatization
• state of development of the broadband market before and after) the privatisation
• performance of incumbents before and after the privatisation experiences
• impact on the development of equity markets in the case of privatisation through IPO and SPO
• High-level review of broadband markets in selected countries
• Provide concrete recommendation for the privatisation method and likely experience for each
of the countries
• Workshop and presentation of overall findings and recommendations

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