National strategy & implementation support for Saudi Telecom Company

The Salience solution provided STC with a powerful tool for understanding the impact of technology on STC profits.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) was looking to establish a business case for deploying next generation mobile and fixed network to address new broadband market opportunities as it faced increased competition from Mobily in this segment. The Salience team was part of a larger project team that was tasked to deploy STC assets and structure roll-out of new solutions in a cost-effective while considering the pressure STC was facing from its competition.

  • Analysed the market opportunity and the CAPEX needed to invest in network expansion.
  • Performed financial analysis of the STC options to determine on an area-by-area basis exactly which fixed and mobile broadband technologies to deploy to maximize the STC market coverage at the most efficient financial investment.
  • Salience produced detailed forecast models to demonstrate to STC the most effective roll-out strategy and the proper technology to use in each scenario.
  • Delivered granular financial details required to continue deployment of network technology and maximize the impact on enterprise and consumer services. This enabled STC to realize the most effective use of their fixed and mobile network budget in support of any given demographic