Establishing an effective ICT regulator for Kuwait


In support of the State of Kuwait’s program of reform of the country’s telecommunications sector, Salience has been engaged and is currently establishing the new regulatory body which will regulate, supervise and transform the telecommunications sector in Kuwait.

The program involves both the creation of a regulatory framework and the development of CITRA as an institution:

  • Creating an ICT licensing framework, spectrum policy and price regulation for retail and wholesale services
  • Defining CITRA’s management and organizational structure
  • Setting terms and conditions for interconnection between networks and access to infrastructure
  • Optimizing ICT competitive dynamics and defining consumer protection provisions
  • Defining ICT and telecommunication products and services, technical terminology and standards
  • Defining CITRA’s policy for the regulation and monitoring of private networks and unlicensed ICT product / service operation
  • Creating CITRA’s financing model & commercial framework
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