End to end retail fibre operator launch in Oman

Salience provided the expertise to establish Awasr Oman. We created the investment case, Information Memorandum, backed-up by a detailed go-to-market plan, organizational structure, internal processes and KPIs. Salience prepared the business case for Awasr, led the fundraising process and successfully obtained the investment for the company.

  • Three months feasibility study performed to analyze the market potential and create a detailed business case
  • Defined the operational basis for AWASR and the launch plan, including budgets, technology specification, partner selection, organizational design, recruitment, marketing mix, sales enablement, operational policies and procedures.
  • Managed the recruitment process for the company and handed over the company to the local management.
  • Two years of management outsourcing to Awasr across different departments
  • Led the fundraising process by delivering investment teaser presentations to potential investors, managing the data room and participating in the negotiations