Operator Launch

Salience offers end to end service to help with the planning and establishment of a new telecom operation. Our outsourced management service covers the activities required to successfully launch and operate a new operator until business and financial stability is achieved. The service follows our F.L.O.T. (Feasibility, Launch, Operate and Transfer) methodology that provides continuous support throughout the launch lifecycle.

Our clients are typically new telecom license holders and investors that want to reduce the time to market and the time to cash as well as manage the risk of failure by using a proven methodology delivered by an experienced team.  Our F.L.O.T methodology also is useful for an existing telecom operator that wants to create a new business line or revamp an existing non-performing operation.


Feasibility analysis

Feasibility study looks to analyse the market potential; the regulatory and completion environment; explore various operating models and partnering models before coming to a conclusion whether the project is feasible and how the financials might look. It also provides a view on the implementation plan and indicative timescales 

Operations launch package

Involves Quick deployment of select specialists to act as an in-country kick off team -responsible for specific domains such as technical, operations and commercial. It is followed by creation of a pool of Subject Matter Experts to be available to fly in country to deliver specific key tasks and building a launch PMO to manage the resourcing, the project plan and the financials realisation

Ongoing interim management

Service of providing specific experts to fill management roles of short (3-6) months, medium (6-12 months) to long term (1 year+) basis

Organization design and development
Finance, legal & regulation
Marketing & sales
Product management & PLM
Operational systems, policy & process
Customer care

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