Discussing the current trends in the Omani market

Salience’s managing partner Graeme Lowther discussed the current trends in the Omani market and what they might mean for the future, with the leading telecoms publication magazine for the Middle East and Africa – CommsMEA.

In the October issue, he addressed the continuing expansion of FFTH connections provided by Oman Broadband and the successful growth of the new fixed operator in Oman-Awasr. As the winning fastest network In Oman, Awasr has asserted influence in lowering the consumer prices for broadband connections over the past two years. However, given that the rural fibre is not profitable on the Omani market, a solution was presented to establish a tower company which will provide an active capacity to rural areas.

In addition to the new telecom trends, the idea for a third mobile license in Oman was once again brought to life. “The new structure is likely to reduce the rollout requirements of the physical network while relaxing some of the other conditions such as access to national roaming,” said Graeme.

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