New Office Opening in Skopje

British investment in North Macedonia, Salience Consulting, makes additional €2m investment in Skopje to expand its team and purchase a larger office.

Salience Consulting has announced expansion of the Skopje consulting team and a move to a larger company-owned office in the centre of the capital. Salience provides digital and ICT advisory services in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

Salience delivers regulatory, financial, and technical consulting and has pan-regional clients such as the World Bank, the IFC, and the EBRD.  Salience also has key clients in Africa, including ADB, COMESA, ECOWAS and Smart Africa, as well advising the world’s largest mega projects in Saudi Arabia such as NEOM, Rua Al Medina, and Qiddiya.

For the occasion of the new office opening, Salience Consulting held a reception last Thursday 16th of May, which was attended by some of their international and local partners, representatives from the British Embassy, as well as visiting colleagues from other Salience offices.

“We are continuing our mission to transform countries and communities through digital and ICT and the expansion of the team in North Macedonia has been an instrumental part of that journey. We are hoping to continue investing in North Macedonia as well as provide opportunity for young local talent to work on challenging projects across developing countries” – Managing partner and CEO Ivan Skenderoski, who is originally native of North Macedonia.

“Salience is a great example of a successful British investment in North Macedonia.  We are thriving because of the knowledge and capability that is delivered by our team.  It is the embodiment of our desire to see our own individual, successes contribute to the collective success of our company.” – Managing Partner and Chairman Graeme Lowther.

“North Macedonia is a fantastic country, and it’s exciting to witness the expansion of British companies here. Our aim as an Embassy is to promote transparency, innovation, partnerships, and creation, that are also core values of Salience Consulting. Greater employment opportunities and ensuring the expansion of new jobs is key for young people to prosper and to prevent brain-drain from the country.” – Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Julia Smyth.

The event was sponsored by Smidgin Gin, also related British investment in the country.

Salience has a goal of doubling the number of staff in Skopje within a year and will continue to invest in facilities and people to enable the growth of the company.