Salience Consulting experts discuss the future of broadband in the region

Salience participated in two panel sessions at the recent Broader Way Forum event organised by the UAE Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) in association with Huawei. The conference was held in Dubai and welcomed senior level stakeholders from the industry, top analysts and telecom leaders to examine how the national broadband initiatives will transform the region’s socio economic landscape in the years ahead.

Salience’s Ivan Skenderoski was participating in the panel session focused on the impact of National Broadband on socioeconomic conditions, particularly the role of broadband infrastructure for GDP growth, jobs creation, and for the development of national services such as health and education. During the session Ivan underlined the key benefits but warned of the potential setbacks that have been seen elsewhere and could be repeated across the region if previous lessons are not learned.

Graeme Lowther was participating in the session aimed at exploring the impact of broadband connectivity to the digital economy where he emphasized at the remarkable development of the telecom sector in the UAE from the establishment of the country’s first internet domain to today’s supper connectivity. He also mentioned that e-government services over broadband should be transforming the way residents and companies communicate with the government. The conference also attracted wider coverage by the industry media and analysts.