Private national fiber network and TETRA strategic & technical analysis in Saudi Arabia

Salience provided an improved implementation plan for the network including transmission, handsets and data services.

The ministry of interior needed help deploying a national TETRA network was running behind schedule. The objective of the project was to identify the causes of delay, assess the quality of design and delivery by the vendors and to provide recommendations for immediate and long-term improvements for the deployment. At the same time the ministry was looking at understanding whether private fibre network build and managed by them is a better option then outsourced network.

• Strategic advice and business case for private national network

• Provided procurement and radio subject matter experts working on network and operational modernizations of the MOI.

• High level audit of the existing MOI TETRA network and systems and progress reporting and measures review, incl. across 800 towers.

• Contracts review to identify of the causes of delay with a focus on the payment milestone plans and a gaps between the existing contractual requirements and the current state of deployment.

• Detailed supply-chain analysis and technology assessment of the network design and handset specifications. Create new vendor management plan and procurement strategy.

• Detailed assessment of how the network architecture could be improved

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