Africa’s Connectivity Mapping

Salience has completed the mapping of the backbone fiber network across 29 countries in Africa. Our extensive efforts spanned the Southern, Eastern, Western, Central regions, and parts of Northeast Africa. Through mapping, we covered over 150,000 km of the existing fiber optic backbone network and identified 20,000 km of missing links that have the potential to expand in-country and international connectivity.

This mapping aims to improve the communication infrastructure throughout the continent but also provides valuable insights for transformative developments. By mapping the existing networks and identifying these missing links, we are taking steps towards promoting stronger connectivity in Africa.

Throughout this effort, we identified critical cross-border links, planned connections, and areas where improved connectivity could have a profound impact. Our findings not only cover the current state of networks but also highlight key gaps in connectivity. Addressing these gaps has the potential to bring transformative telecommunication and economic benefits to these countries.

Salience is actively expanding its analysis footprint in Africa, with upcoming plans to map the entire network infrastructure across the continent in the near future. This will allow us to create a comprehensive Africa network map, significantly deepening our understanding of the connectivity and infrastructure throughout the region.