Project to connect Electricity transmission utilities telecom assets across the Balkans and provide new digital corridors

The new project, sponsored by The World Bank and executed by Salience Consulting is to unite telecom assets across the regional Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and generate new revenue streams for the individual operators.

The project was successfully kicked off at the 4th Balkans Digital Highway workshop in Athens last week. Aim of the study is to provide practical steps for execution of the individual initiatives of the TSOs to become local and regional wholesale telco enabler and therefore help large companies,  telecom operators and OTT players deliver superior services to the end users.

Finding the most applicable operational and sustainable model is a key outcome. The study will analyse the current and projected market demand and match it against the technical capabilities of the network to provide backhaul and transit data circuits. Integral part of the work is alignments with the individual countries regulatory and legal frameworks, cost benefit analysis and appropriate financial models to support the TSOs on their journeys.

We are living in exciting and challenging times where information flow, network resilience and additional data capacities becomes a vital need of our societies.