Salience Consulting and Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) have signed a Memo of Understanding (MoU)

The two companies have agreed to work together in developing and promoting solutions to address the challenges in the market.

Salience Consulting is an established telecom management consultancy, market insight and professional services organization focused on MENA’s telecom regulators, operators, investors, and government ministries for strategic, regulatory and technology excellence. Their resolute industry focus has cemented Salience as the go-to advisor and on-ground implementer of telecommunications knowhow. Salience culture is based around having the right people with the right skills and the right attitude with a vision to transform countries and communities through telecom.

Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) creates opportunities and solves problems for customers tackling the complexities of building commercial grade solutions. Since 2007 they have been engaged by large enterprises, software vendors, and technology startups. They bring products and complex applications to market faster and continue to grow because they deliver on their promise to deliver business solutions, not just functioning software. Intelligent Network Solutions is devoted to quality, efficiency, and customer service. INS built an international footprint, cadre of experts, and concert of processes to make it happen and strategically balance the advantages of their unique development teams with the exacting needs of each client.