Telecom Towers Management

As network infrastructure is getting de-coupled from the service layer we have witnessed proliferation of initiatives to increase Tower sharing, establishment of specialist towers management operators i.e. TowerCo and regulatory focus on enabling these trends. Salience has developed a number of related services aimed at operators and regulators to support an entire spectrum of options: from strategic advice to a managed outsourced service and even an in-house developed towers management system called Falcon.

Towers, legalisation and sharing regulation advice

Assessment and review of current regulation concerning regulating tower permits and related fees, tower sharing regulation, benchmarking regulation with regional and global trends, running regulatory consultations and recommendations of new related laws and policies.

TowerCo Network sharing models, business case analysis

We analyze, benchmark and build different models for Towers optimization and TowerCo options. Our techno-economic analysis involves building a financial case for each option localized to the regional market with benchmarked costs based on international experience. The result is fully qualified and quantified advice on pros and cons of individual options supported by justified recommendations and implementation plans.

Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) service for establishing a Towers specialist unit, Towers Regulation Implementation with one-stop-shop approval processes

End-to-end fully outsourced service for establishment of regulatory teams in charge of towers related matters.

Audit of sample of existing masts and towers to better understand the state of the infrastructure
Analysis of the current deployment issues
Creation of organizational design, processes and business case for the new permitting units
Development of a customized tower inventory system which enables automatic coordination across all civil stakeholders to issue permits
Development of plan and policy for legalization of existing towers
Guidelines for future deployment of towers and masts
Health and Safety rules established and enforced by the system thus making the country a safer place and rectifying or eliminating dangerous sites


Establishment of a new business unit under the Regulator as an interface between Regulator, Operators and Civil Authorities
Providing a team of experts and recruiting local team
Software platform set-up with automated workflow to obtain permissions from civil stakeholders including Civil Defense, Municipality, etc.
Operating the automated work platform and providing further updates and customizations as per the client’s needs
Creating customized reports for all stakeholders with automatic creation through the system

Transferring the fully operational unit to the client

Towers Infrastructure Audits

Full or sample audit of telecom towers infrastructure. Structural, equipment and operational audit including tagging and inventory. Supported by Falcon Tower Management System which enables web and mobile app inputs, supporting custom reports and management of the inventory database.

Falcon – Tower Management System

The Falcon Tower Management System (FTMS) is a one-stop-shop to manage your towers. It is a centralized asset management system that gives you complete overview and control of your towers. Falcon stands out from the rest because it offers:


Salience provides you with an end-to-end solution. We build, we operate, and we transfer the system to you under our proven Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) methodology.


Salience has telecom and tower experts on the team to help you customize the software to fit your requirements. Our consultants have extensive experience working with Tier-1 telecom regulators and operators across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia such as British Telecom, AT&T, MTN Group, and Etisalat. Salience Consulting are 100% dedicated to the telecoms environment. 


Salience has a GIS software development team with experience in developing, deploying and supporting enterprise-software solutions for telecom clients.


Salience supports you recruit on-site teams to run and manage the new solution.


Salience provides you with a customized system that can be upgraded with custom-made modules according to your requirements or designed with the support of our telecom and tower experts.


Salience provides a fully owned solution. There are no license fees and the solution can be deployed on the client’s premises. The deployment can be on site or via the cloud on standard application platforms which the client can extend at any time.


The Salience system provides a centralized interface for operators to apply for permits and regulators and government entities to authorize and issue permits while monitoring the compliance of the towers. It is a win-win solution.

Who Benefits from the Falcon Tower Management System (FTMS)?


Government entities responsible for ensuring permitting and compliance of tower infrastructure at the national level.
Government clients rely on Salience Consulting to help design and deliver large scale projects: from mission critical public safety networks to optimizing infrastructure sharing all on a national level.


Any telecom operators, tower operators or private investors responsible for managing towers and all those required to apply for permitting from a national regulator.
Operator clients rely on Salience practical solutions to help navigate the rapidly changing telecoms marketplace.


National entities and authorities responsible for permitting towers such as municipal authorities, ministries of communication or aviation, Tower Companies, etc.
These clients rely on Salience to help them design and deliver large scale projects, from mission critical public safety networks to optimized infrastructure sharing on a national level.

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