Sara Smokvarska
Marketing&Digital Media Coordinator

Joined Salience to put a millennial touch on our digital marketing. A recognized high-achiever who is currently at her last year of psychology studies at the University American College, Skopje.

About Sara

Sara recently joined Salience to take our marketing and digital media activities to the next level. She is responsible for updating and monitoring Salience’s social media platforms, creating engaging texts, images and video content, managing and maintaining the website, and creating comprehensive reports by analyzing the daily traffic and interactions.
A recognized high-achiever, Sara has already been awarded the highest achieving Psychology student in the School of Political Science at the University American College, Skopje. In addition to her academic achievements, she has also been entrusted to assist in the planning of major conferences for international ambassadors and senior political figures on behalf of the university.
Sara is an avid gamer, who enjoys using her knowledge in psychology to evolve as a marketing professional.


  • Marketing
  • Digital Media
  • Analyzing data/ Analytics


University American College Skopje

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (ongoing)

Awarded highest achieving Psychology student in the School of Political Science.

Awarded for exceptional interest and participation as volunteer in UACS activities and events

Past Experience

Intern at Career Center UACS
University American College Skopje
Vice president of the student organization during 2016/2017