Networks advisory

Salience brings deep knowledge and experience in Next Generation Networks in the Middle East and we provide advice on national level and operator level strategy, techno-economic analysis, regulatory impact analysis, business case analysis, as well as practical design, procurement, implementation and operational advice.
Our expertise includes solving National Level Broadband strategic issues specific to the business and technical issues of consumer fibre rollouts and delivering broadband wireless and WiFi studies as well as solving capacity issues by planning new subsea cable routes. We simply understand NGN networks better than everyone else.

National broadband network (NBN)

Analysing the national macroeconomic and specific ICT conditions and bench marking against other regional and global examples. Advising on defining and implementing strategic national or regional broadband plans. Economic analysis on the costs of the national deployments, exploring various options including regulatory and state aid levers

Next generation access & FTTH

A range of technologies under the umbrella of FTTx (such as FTTH and VDSL) and even some Fixed Wireless solutions could be deployed as part of wider Next Generation Access (NGA) plan designed for telecom operators, national wholesale operators or different government entities tasked in deploying these networks. We provide commercial and technical analysis and advice for NGA networks including procurement, implementation and operational advice. Our methodology of financial appraisal of different network upgrade options on a neighbourhood basis has been utilised across number of different countries.

Subsea cables & intl. capacity

Another specialist area of our practice, we have been part of a number of feasibility and deeper business case studies for a number of Middle Eastern Subsea Cable initiatives. Our advice extends to supporting in raising of capital to technical design of the cables, procurement support and implementation support.

Wireless & metropolitan WiFi

The role of WiFi metropolitan networks has strengthen in recent years due to spectrum and technical limitations of cellular data networks and the fact that WiFi has high adoption rate among normal users. Salience has been involved in technical and commercial analysis of a number of city wide or areas specific deployments including defining services and go-to market strategies on WiFi products

Public safety & mission critical

Services under this banner refer to usually separate network deployments by specialised telecom entities or private networks by government ministries. The technologies that are usually used are TETRA and TETRA over LTE. We provide commercial and technical assistance including vendor selection, procurement and operational advice.

Telecom Towers audits
Radio networks (3G/4G/5G)
Internet of Things (IOT)

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