Financial advisory

At Salience, we provide financial models that enable insight into the risks and likely outcomes of an investment. When an operator wants to make an investment in a new technology or market, Salience can help by creating detailed financial models that will facilitate management decision making, from an initial go/no-go decision to more complex scenario and sensitivity analysis on the optimal investment pattern.
Salience also understands the requirements of equity investors and we have deep experience in creating financial models that provide the kind of bottom-up detail that investors like to see. Our work on the financial model for Oman Broadband provided prospective investors with great detail on the sources of revenue, demand models and sensitivity factors that were used to create the business case.

Market analysis & research

Salience is a boutique consultancy focused exclusively on telecom. We concentrate our expertise on understanding the market and helping our clients exploit new opportunities and adapt to changes in the market. In the Gulf region market changes are happening quicker than ever before, and the introduction of regulation on access networks and radio towers means that understanding the market is key to future success. Salience has a great deal of market data acquired over the last decade. We understand the trends and are able to deliver market analysis with a high degree of accuracy.

Investment business case

A core area of expertise within Salience is the ability to create bottom-up financial models using our proprietary market data and market research. Our models have helped successfully launch subsea cables, new fibre broadband operators and government NBNs. Our demand models are based on years of data and experience in the Gulf region, we create highly accurate cost and revenue models with detailed sensitivity and scenario options. Our track record of success has helped us further refine our in-house models and we are constantly updating

Funding & investor connect

We provide the connections between our clients and investors. Based upon our business case analysis we create and deliver compelling presentations to prospective investors. We have a track record of successfully raising funding and investment both from private organisations and from government entities such as the Ministry of Finance. Our team has the experience to deliver a LIRC model backed up by more sophisticated in-house models that deliver credibility and comfort to prospective investors

New entrain planning

Salience has a great deal of experience delivering launch strategies for new entrants in the market. Our experience delivering plans for the launch of new entrants encompasses all aspects of a successful launch. Our planning process considers the desired culture of the new business, the organisational design, branding and marketing, the technology roadmap and the vertical expansion opportunities.

New operator launch (FLOT)

Our FLOT methodology is a proven means of delivering a successful operator launch. FLOT – Feasibility, Launch, Operate and Transfer is designed to launch a new operator as quickly as possible. We create the strategy and provide the launch team including technology experts and experienced operations staff. We oversee the execution of the operator launch and our team delivers the initial operation of the business until we transfer the operation to full-time staff. This method allows operators to launch their business supported by a highly experience team and to transfer the operations to local staff after processes have been defined and the business is running.

M&A sell/buy advisory

Salience offers to produce the overall business case for your business, defining with you the right product strategy, and clearly outlining all drivers for revenues and expenses. Detailed models shall support the quantification of your future performances, enabling unlimited scenario generation. For your M&A activities, Salience shall take you along the traditional steps of selling or buying assets. On the buy side, Salience offers to build comprehensive financial models, calculate project WACC, prepare initial valuations, run sensitivity scenarios, assess risks, define mitigation, run due diligence and accompany you in negotiations. On the sell side, Salience offers to produce initial teasers for potential investors, prepare data room for the due diligence, or build complete Information Memorandums.

Preliminary valuations
Creating pitch material (IM and Exec presentations)
Operator investment governance

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