Dushko Kantardjiev
Principle Consultant
Global Executive, Technology Partner and Business Growth Strategist with extensive experience in revenue growth, market expansion, global team building, technology direction and implementation

About Dushko

Dushko joined Salience in 2018 as Head of Operations to ensure creation and execution of best practices and tactics that drive consensus and energy through all functional lines. His exceptional integration of transformation allows him to think like a strategist and drive execution as an operations manager, ensuring the creation of a compelling vision, development of actionable planning and delivery of outstanding and profitable results year over year.

Prior to Salience, Dushko worked with: VIVA Bahrain, T-Mobile, ALO Telekom, IPKO Telecommunications and many others


  • Vendor management
  • IT strategy


Electrotechnical Faculty, University Ss. Cyril & Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia
Electronics and Telecommunications

Past Experience

VIVA Bahrain
Director of Technology Strategy & Control and Director of IT Operations

Alo Telekom
Chief Technology Officer

IPKO Telecommunications
Chief Technology Officer

CIO and Chief Customer Service Officer

Deputy Director