Dr. Paul France
Associate Partner

Works with leading telecom operators in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, driving new broadband initiatives like FTTH & ADSL2+. Author of 3 books on local access technology

About Paul

Paul has extensive background in broadband networks and services, formally with BT, where he was Programme Director for major new broadband initiatives such as FTTH (Fibre to the Home) and ADSL+ (Asymmetric digital subscriber line), and before that as GM for Solution Design of broadband services.

For the past nine years he has worked as an independent consultant, as programme lead for a major FTTH programme for Saudi Telecom Company, assisting Telecom New Zealand prepare their Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative, conducting a Quality Audit of the Telekom Malaysia FTTH programme, building FTTH business cases for operators in Indonesia and Thailand, and more recently acting as FTTH operation’s advisor for Oman Broadband.

Since joining Salience as an associate partner in 2015, he has primarily served telecom clients in a Middle Eastern countries and Serbia as the FTTH Subject Matters Experts.    

In his spare time, Paul develops Mobile Phone Apps, which he very much enjoys. He is the author / editor of three books within the field of telecommunications, including ‘Local Access Technologies’ published by the IEE.

Published Work

Local Access Network Technologies’, Book published, Volume 47 of IEE telecommunications series, April 2004

  • FTTH (Fibre to the Home) networks and services
  • Broadband and IP (Internet Protocol) service
  • IT networks and systems
  • Optical communications
  • Solution Architect
  • Fibre Optics
  • ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line)


University of Sheffield, UK

Optical Fibres (Best Thesis Award)


University College London, UK

Telecommunications Business


University of Essex, UK

Telecommunications Systems


Past Experience

Oman Broadband Advisor

Company Operations Advisor

British Telecom

Programme Director, Retail Broadband